About Glitter Ghost

My name is Natasha and I am an artist and crafter living in beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada and Glitter Ghost is my shop! 

Starting as a small macramé accessories shop, and slowly growing and changing with each new product line, market or event, Glitter Ghost is now mainly a handmade accessories and clothing shop that I run from my at home studio.


I have always been an avid artist and crafter in my younger years which led me to graduating from Fundamental Arts and Video Game Art & Animation. Following with work on App Design, Web Design and Independent Game development, with various odd-jobs in between and always making my own creations or designs at home.


I am open to commissions in these fields. You can see more of this type of work at my online portfolio. https://natasharmac.wixsite.com/natasham

I also loved to dress in unique and alternative accessories and clothing. Over the years, I have thrifted, reworked, or made a lot of what's in my own wardrobe. Always trying to learn more about how to sew from my Mémé, Mom & some Jr. high school teachers. But once sewing knowledge became more accessible to me online, is when I really leaned into it.


The artwork I've painted onto clothing are original designs and because of my art background I am able to make them into digital art, that I can then use to make stickers. There are some pieces of clothing that are one of a kind, but I am open to custom orders on hand-painted denim. Check out the commission info page for more info on ordering a custom!

Twitch Emotes are the newest addition to what I offer in my shop. When I was approached in early 2021 to see if I was interested in doing a commission for a friend, I realized how similar this type of art is to what I already love doing and have done for years, and jumped at the opportunity! I enjoyed creating those emotes so much, and I haven't stopped making some for fun in my spare time. I would love to create more of these so please check out the commission info page and get in touch if you're interested!