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Hand-Painted Denim

Commission Info

Gallery of handpainted denim jackets and vests.


  • Adult sizes start at $65-$75

  • Kid sizes start at $50-$60

  • Infant sizes $40-$50

These prices are an idea of what the pricing could be for certain sizes of vests & jackets. Price maybe increased if the design is elaborate. It maybe also reduced for denim shirts, or if you provide your own piece of clothing.​

What you get:

  • A hand-painted design on the middle back panel of a denim jacket, vest or shirt.

  • Painted with multiple coats of fabric paint. The paint holds up very well to the washer and dryer but I recommend washing in cold water and hanging to dry to keep it lasting as long as possible.

  • All artwork is drawn by me. 

  • Additional design elements can be requested starting at $10.00. (Name, additional image, etc.)


  • I start with a second hand piece of clothing that I have acquired, or a piece of clothing provided by you.

  • If blank clothing is provided by me;

    • an available jacket in the size you want will be confirmed with you before any work starts.

    • If I don't have a blank one in the size/style you like, I will then start trying to acquire a piece that works for you, only if you would still like to move forward with a longer wait time.

    • Sometimes this may take a couple days but sometimes it can take weeks or more.

    • Because of the uncertainty, I cannot guarantee that I will have the size or style you want OR be able to find it.

  • If blank clothing is provided by you;

    • If you're local, an address will be given to you for local drop offs.​

    • If you're mailing, a mail address will be given to you.

    • Payment is require before any painting starts.

  • Payment is required once a piece of blank clothing is confirmed.

  • If you request a design I've already done;

    • Colors and small changes (change bubbles to hearts, add eyelashes, etc,) can be changed for no extra charge, but any new additions may cost more.

    • Painting will start once clothing is confirmed & payment is made.

    • Painting will take 3-4 days.

    • It will be shipped out or available for pickup as soon as it's done. ​

  • If you request a unique design;​​

    • Once you have given a concept for your design, I can give you a quote based on the work involved. If its a similar size my back panel pieces, the prices will be close to what is listed above.​

    • After clothing is confirmed & payment is made, I will create a digital concept of the art. 

    • You are then able to revise the concept before any painting starts. 

    • Painting will take 3-4 days.

    • It will be shipped out or available for pickup as soon as it's done. ​



  • Revision are free and a normal/important part of the process. I do ask that you keep the following in mind during the revisions;

    • If you change your mind significantly about a design after the painting has started, these types of revisions could result in me adding an additional charge.

    • Revisions made after painting has started/completed are an additional charge of $5.00 per revision.

    • If you have any concerns or don't fully love your custom, please get in contact! I would love to work with you to make sure you are happy with your piece.


  • All prices are in CAD.

  • All payment is done through PayPal or Square.

  • Full Payment is due once a clothing piece is confirmed and before any painting starts.

  • Any charges made for revisions are due before pickup or shipments are available.

  • You are locked into a spot on my commissions list once your payment has gone through (not when you first contacted me,) until then your turnaround times might change.

  • Failure to pay the remainder of a balance in a reasonable amount of time once the work is complete may result in a forfeiture of the commission. (I will contact you several times before this happens.) If I choose to, I may resell the piece in this situation or in the event of a cancellation where work was already started.


  • If you want to cancel your order and I've already started painting, 50% of the total commission price will be refunded. If the painting is already finished, refunds will not be accepted.

  • I have the right to refuse any commission. Commissions I cancel at my discretion after payment has been sent will be given a full refund.

I do not do: 

  • NSFW, hateful or racist subject matter, realism or exact likenesses of licensed characters.

  • I will not create an exact copy or trace of any other artist's work.

  • I do not sell or give out editable files. This includes the original digital art files.

I reserve the right to use commissioned work in my portfolio including my website and social media, as well as for my products including stickers and clothing.

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